Monday, January 25, 2010

Welcome to 2000 Gamers

Back in 2000 I decided I would find a set and complete it. The entire set. Ebay was new to me. I was just signing on to Beckett and two small card shops were the only places to buy decent cards it seemed. Then I found a blaster box of 2000 Fleer Gamers while checking out at K-Mart. The box looked interesting and I had not opened that product yet. After going home and puting away the new purchases I prepped my table for opening packs. First I wiped it down to make sure nothing on the table to scratch the cards. Then I laid out the supplies. New penny sleeves. New rigid holders for all the great cards I would covet. Some scissors in case the packs resisted letting loose the cards. A checklist page I had to mark off cards.

Then the plastic was peeled off and the cardboard freed to breath again. With a smile I opened the box, pulled out the 3 feet of styrofoam and slid out the packs.

Shiny. Silver. Matches Cal's hair. Game Used Bat Cards! How cool were those in 2000. Autographed Bat Cards! Even better! Short printed rookies! How great is this product?

The cards themselves were just great to me. The feel of the cards. Textured on one side and smooth from the player to the shiny side. The action photos are clear. No plain old portraits. The player name pops out at you. No trying to figure out who you have. The team jersey logo shadowed in the back. And the cool lines on the front. These cards just looked high priced by 2000 standards. 2000 Gamers became the set for me to collect and complete.

So sit back and enjoy as I take through one of my favorite sets of all time.


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